Looking for an Engineer?

We are happy to help you!

At Cartesio, our focus is on extra engineering capacity with specific professional knowledge. Our unique concept attracts engineers who are drawn to technology.

Following thorough screening, we introduce candidates that we are absolutely sure are suitable. We monitor our staff closely to ensure the quality of our service.

The emphasis is on professional development and how the engineer functions within the team. We take active ownership through anticipation, making changes where necessary.

Working at Cartesio

What’s in it for you?

Obviously, we start with the right job.

We find a suitable vacancy for you based on your expertise, your vision of your professional future and your expectations.

The client is an industrial company looking for the right person to join its technical project team.

This is not the final goal for us. Rather, it is the start of a great collaboration. In addition to excellent support, we offer a network of fellow engineers and a human approach based on open and honest communication.



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